How to scan a QR Code

Try it!




Open any QR code reader app on your phone, such as



Default Camera App

Select the 'Scan' feature in the top right of the main menu and scan the QR code

Point the camera at the QR code for 2-3 seconds

The menu will open automatically

Click on the prompt to open the menu in your browser


What is Dazhong Dianping?

Dazhong Dianping is like the Chinese version of TripAdvisor. The site has more than 200 million active users, and is the go-to source for reviews of restaurants and shops among people from China. A huge number of tourists from China check the reviews of restaurants before they choose where to eat.

One of the first things they check for is whether or not a restaurant has a Chinese-language menu.

Are you social distancing?

QR code menus can reduce contact between customers and restaurant staff. Try it free for 7 days.


Accept orders on WhatsApp

Connect to your customers directlyFind out more

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QR code-based, professionally translated restaurant menus and ordering system


Restaurant menus

Give customers access to beautiful photos and descriptions of your food and drink, all from their own device. They can order, too!

Easy Maintenance

Quality Translations


Take a look at a

sample menu.

In-restaurant ordering

Give customers the ability to view your restaurant's menu from their phone and place their order at the push of a button

At table or bar

Beachside & poolside

Room service

Dashboard for Desktop/Tablet

Telegram and email order notifications so you never miss an order

Payments Integration

WhatsApp Ordering

Customer views the menu and adds items to their cart

Customer reviews their order & enters their address

Customer submits order and chats directly with restaurant

How to set up WhatsApp ordering

Choose one of two options

Create a menu

Choose 'accept orders on WhatsApp' in menu settings  i

Send us your menu

Let us know your WhatsApp contact info and we’ll set everything up

Our languages

Chinese Japanese Korean
Russian French Spanish
German English Portuguese

and more!

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Includes free QR code cards for your restaurant, spa or shop

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Yes, build my QR code menu!

A plan to suit your needs.

Menulingua is offered on a subscription basis

Prices shown in USD

1 Month

Per outlet

$ 21

3 Months

Per outlet

$ 63

$ 55

6 Months

Per outlet

$ 126

$ 110

1 Year

Per outlet

$ 252


'Our accurately-translated menu

within seconds.'

"From day one Menulingua brought customers in the door, greatly simplified communication and service, and improved customer satisfaction."

Prior to having the QR codes on the tables and at the front of the restaurants, a lot of prospective Chinese customers ignored our restaurants but we definitely saw an increase in business once walk-by traffic could scan for a Chinese menu and within seconds have our accurately translated menu with pictures on the phone.

Now, customers can just point at their selections. It’s more accurate and much much faster. Customers like and staff love it.

I can’t imagine going back to not using Menulingua. It helps us provide good service to an enormous group of potential customers."

John Lee

Owner of the Salsa Kitchen and Feast Society Restaurants in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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